Round 7: Macedon V Melton Centrals - C Grade

Round 7: Macedon V Melton Centrals - C Grade

Macedon (30) V Melton Centrals (31)

C Grade were ready for this game. Great start to this game with Melton on top of the ladder, we goaled well and our defenders were strong but just a little shakey getting the ball out. We ended the 1st quarter 4 goals up and looked in really good shape.

Our defenders settled in the 2nd quarter and were cleaner with disposals. Our goalers let a few misses escape but our full court effort maintained our lead and we were now 5 goals in front going into the 3rd quarter.

After half time we had a few little errors while adjusting to Beth’s first run in C Grade but maintained our full court pressure and maintained our 5 goal lead.

In the final quarter this is where the wheels fell off. We looked tired. Our goaling accuracy fell off and our feeds went astray while their goaling accuracy went up. The crowd got loud and we let Melton back into the game. By the time
we settled and started to play our game again it was a 1 goal loss.

When things get tight we need to remain calm and play our game with full court defensive pressure and maintain and nurture possession.

Best on court goes to  Sam Stevenson

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