Round 7: Macedon V Melton Centrals - A Grade

Round 7: Macedon V Melton Centrals - A Grade

Macedon (55) V Melton Centrals (22)

We knew that todays game was a real opportunity for us to find our rhythm and show our dominance on the competition once again. We have a lot to play for as we know that we have some
points and percentage to make up for and our game against Melton had to be one of those games. We achieved our goal regarding our expected quarter score and our defenders made sure that they too achieved their goal. Although we were rusty with our movement and timing in attack it didn’t have too much of an impact on our score although against a more competitive team this would have cost us. Melton didn’t have an obvious dominate feeder and this was because of our fierce one on one defensive pressure. In attack our lack of timing and commitment to the drive meant that the GK was cleaning up our mistakes. She had 4 tips, 3 gains, 2 intercepts and a rebound. We were just lucky that she didn’t have the support around her to turn them into goals. We had doubled them 6 -12 and had a strong score line.

Our defence continued to dominate in the second quarter, keeping Melton to just 2 goals for the
quarter. Sending the ball back to our attackers only to have Melton’s defence clean up some of our
mistimed leads and poor decision making. Again, the GK took 3 intercepts, 3 gains and 2 tips
asserting her dominance in our ring. Melton recovered 8 balls through their defence clearly
showing that our transition was stopping us from scoring as many goals as we could. Something we
will address at training. 21- 8 lead.

We changed the team with Brooklyn playing GK, Beck WD, Hayley moved into the C and Chloe back
on into GS. We reassessed our goal for the quarter and took to the court with determination. We
shot 21 goals to Melton’s 9. 30 goals in 15 minutes, tells us it was a fast-paced game but there were
times that we needed to be tighter in defence to stop Melton getting a taste at goals. They shot in
one quarter what we had kept them to in the first half of the game. Their GK was kept a little quieter this quarter but still managed to get hand to 6 balls. We need to make sure that we are only
delivering ball to goalers that are ‘on’ and move the ball around the circle until the opening is

The final quarter was a 5 -13 quarter. Melton was struggling with our pressure and their mid court
threw away 8 balls, starving Melton of opportunity to score. We put up 5 more shots and only rebounded 1 ball, something again we need to address at training. Our focus was not lost and we
pushed through the last quarter with a few positional changes to a much-needed percentage boast.
Great team effort by all 10 players and we take that into next weeks game

Best on court goes to  Hayley Birch

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