Round 7: Macedon Vs Woodend A Grade

Round 7: Macedon Vs Woodend A Grade

Macedon 29 DEF BY Woodend 42

A game that Macedon would want to forget.
Where the game was won and lost.
Quarter 1: Macedon had a strong first quarter performance in attack, with quick ball movement and direct passes in and around the goal circle. The Cats circle defenders certainly won enough ball and applied enough pressure over the shot to give the Cats and good start to the game. 10 -8
Quarter 2: Even with 10 turnovers in attack, Macedon managed to stay in the race for ten minutes of the quarter. Defenders stepped up and the mid court joined in with recoveries, assisting the
attackers to move the ball down court. Woodend shot 4 unanswered goals in the last 5 minutes of
the quarter and the score had switched in Woodend’s favour 19 -16.
Quarter 3: Macedon scored the first 3 goals of the 3 rd quarter, and the score was back to 19 all. 8
more turn overs for the quarter and not enough ball servicing the goalers the score line was being
pushed out in Woodend’s favour. Halfway through the 3 rd quarter, Macedon took their foot off the
accelerator and Woodend shot 5 in a row. With no clean intercepts for the quarter Woodend were
out in front 29- 24.
Quarter 4: Macedon normally finish strong, but they have not been in this position before. The
pressure, injuries, fatigue, lack of options and decision making had a huge impact on all players on
the court., particularly when attacking the ball. 11 turnovers, mainly through bad passes, inaccurate
shots when the ball eventually made it into the ring cost The Cats dearly. Lucky that the defence was still solid, and Woodend missed several shots otherwise this game would have been a massive blow out with Woodend shooting the last 9 goals of the quarter.
There are always learnings to be taken out of wins but there is so many more learnings to take away
from this loss.
1. Macedon did not maintain intensity and pressure throughout the entire 60 minutes.
2. Lack of depth and versatility like Macedon have had in previous weeks caught them off
3. The players on court need to be accountable and cannot rely on changing players to fix
things they are more than capable of fixing themselves.
4. It is the work rate and focus that players need to bring for a full 60 minutes.
5. Macedon did not maintain the high standards they are known for throughout the whole
6. All players on court need to be 100% fit to beat the top teams.

Votes: Katie Clarke
10 tips 5 gains 6 intercepts 13 rebounds

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