Round 7: Macedon vs Woodend B Grade

Round 7: Macedon vs Woodend B Grade

Macedon 44 DEF Woodend 21

Since the Lancefield game Macedon are not fooling around and are playing every game with grit,
determination, and high intensity and accurate execution.
The Cats B grade line up is looking a little different to the first couple of game. Georgia started in GS, Nellie started in GA after playing a full game in C grade, Ash was in WA, Demi Y started in C and the defence was headed by Aleigha with Bella and Dels out front.
The start was a little shacky with a few missed goals and feeds and Woodend looked the goods up 3 -1. It was then Macedon woke up and shot 11 straight goals. 7 bad passes from Macedon would
normally kill Macedon but because the defensive pressure was incredible with every player on court taking an intercept it cancelled the bad passes out and The Cats punished Woodend. 12- 4 lead.
In the second quarter the mid court had a few brain fades and the bad passes started to creep back
into Macedon’s game but again outstanding defence from Ash, Demi, Dels and Bella meant that
Woodend’s didn’t get a sniff at it. They shot 2 from 4 attempts. Nellie Wilson’s confidence was up
and the shooting complimented that, shooting 10 from 12 attempts. The score board pressure was
on and Macedon was up 26 – 6.
A change in personnel through the mid court and the Cats were pumped and ready for the second
half. Almost every player took an intercept and the one-on-one pressure caused many more
unforced errors. Some big goal runs from The Cats and another 10 shots on the board, Macedon had a 22-goal lead heading into the last quarter.
A few uncharacteristic positional changes to Macedon’s line up meant that they ran the risk of not
hitting the 50-goal mark but depth and court time was prioritized over the score line. 12 bad passes
derailing the team from a very good statistical game and something that the Cats will have to work
on at training but there wasn’t too much more to complain about as The Cats enjoyed the 23 goal
Nellie Wilson
1 tip 1 gain 2 intercept 1 feed 4 assists 3 rebounds Shooting 20/28

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