Round 7: Macedon Vs Woodend C Grade

Round 7: Macedon Vs Woodend C Grade

Macedon 30 DEF Woodend 24

We started with a familiar lineup in goals with Susan and Nellie, a midcourt of Steph, Janayah and Emily, however, mixed it up in defence with Allira and Amy. We took some time to build defensively into this game with an unusually low four recoveries. Three of which were rebounds. We had only four turnovers for the first quarter, which is one of our best attempts at treasuring possession. We scored 7 from 11 attempts, however failed to maintain possession with no attacking rebound. The scoreline was goal for goal, finishing the first quarter at 7-7.

In the second quarter, we injected Abbey into WA. We are looking for speed and agility to fix some timing issues in attack. Last week, we struggled to successfully feed our goal. This quarter we had no bad feeds by using our WA and C to reposition the ball and open up space. Our patience from Janayah and Abbey played to our favour as well as their exceptional defensive pressure to compliment, Amy and Allira in the circle. Woodend’s GK and GD were doubling up on Susan, despite this we still tried to feed her balls with double the pressure. We also missed five goals this quarter with only 2 rebounds, allowing Woodend to capitalise on the missed shots. Despite this we were ahead at half time by four with a 16 – 12 scoreline.

We made some changes at half time to  open up our goal circle. Amy swung from GK to GA and Eloise came into GK. We had our most turnovers with six however this is a much improved outcome on previous weeks. Abbey was dominant on the centre pass and Janayah exceptional in defence again with 3 clean intercepts. Allira and Eloise confused space and denied Woodend scoring opportunities with four recoveries and only four attempts at goal. This quarter remained goal for goal and we came into three-quarter time with a same 4 goal lead, 20 – 16

In the fourth quarter Steph re-entered the game in WA and Beth came on into WD. We left our goaling unit after some feedback with a chance to rectify what we needed. We again had few turnovers. Janayah and Allira had 3 rrecoveries each while down in attack Janayah and Steph shared the feeding. Amy and Nellie started punching up the middle to move the circle and draw defenders away. Woodend had a 3 goal run before we made a change. Emily came back on in WD. This change gave us a 4 goal run to finish the game concluding with a 30 – 24.

Best on this week shared by Allira and Janayah.

Allira with 6 intercepts, 3 gains, 3 rebounds and 12 tips. 

Janayah with 7 intercepts, 4 gains, 21 feeds, 7 assists

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