Round 11: Macedon Vs Wallan A Grade

Round 11: Macedon Vs Wallan A Grade

Macedon 29 DREW Wallan 29

Another week where Macedon couldn’t find the winning combination on the court to take out the
game. Janelle and Hetty remain sidelined with injury and Karlee and Bronte were unavailable due to a holiday.
The starting line up was different again with Hayley back in centre, Ash H playing WD and Taylah
backing up b grade starting in GD. A familiar story to previous weeks, struggling to get the ball out of defence safely, giving Wallan an early chance to get some easy goals on the board. Macedon were in the contest defensively but was heavily penalised for contacts in the C, GD and GK. Players needed to stay in play and in the contest if they were going to wear the opposition down. The contest gave Macedon lots of opportunity with 7 gains, coming from all over the court, but they just couldn’t safely move the ball down court and into goals as easily as they would have liked. Only 2 intercepts from the WA and GK and the clean opportunities were just not there, and asserting their dominance was not something they were doing easily. When the ball did make it into the goal ring, Chloe finished off shooting 9 from 10 attempts. Wallan shot 7 from 10 attempts and the game was still sitting in Macedon’s favour. Alex came on into GD and all other players remained. We lost 5 balls in the centre with a break and 4 bad passes but the centre passes were not overly hard for Chelsea and later Ash. The feeds were extremely high for little reward and opportunity. Goalers needed to position themselves better and move their players and keep them guessing. 8 from 8 attempts, show the goaling movement and work was becoming a challenge in this quarter. Macedon were spoiling a lot of ball with 6 tips but they only resulted in 2 gains. 3 intercepts from the centre players and just the one in the back line.
Macedon weren’t winning clean ball and Wallan had too many attempts at goals shooting 9 from 13
attempts. Wallan were delivered too much ball and Macedon just weren’t keeping up. Macedon
shot 6 to their 9 and Macedon were now trailing by 1.
The attacking mid court threw 5 bad passes, not helping narrow the margin and Macedon centre
passes were needing to go behind to clear the centre pass. In the centre we were penalised for 3
contacts and our keeper attracted the same whistle. Because Macedon were not staying in play
Wallan were getting extra opportunities to find a path to the ring. Tips came randomly and gains
were becoming scarce too. Macedon managed to intercept 2 balls in their attack and 3 back in the
defensive circle. A slow wet 3 rd quarter where Wallan shot 6 from 7 and Macedon shot8 from 10.
Macedon were up by 1 heading into the last quarter.
Macedon thought they would go back to a last quarter hope putting Alex back in shooter and Ciara
on the wing. The turnovers coming directly from attack were reduced to just the 2 and the other 2
came out of defence. Macedon were playing hard in defence with the GK and GD being called for 6
obstructions, leaving Wallan a player free. Contacts were clean in the defence ring but 5 contacts
came from our centre. The defenders dug deep with 8 tips, but unfortunately were unable to back
them all up with recoveries. Just the 2 gains and 3 intercepts meant that clean ball just wasn’t
coming Macedon’s way to take the game out. The goaling chance just didn’t pay off this week with 6
goals from 11 attempts. The goals from both teams look very similar for the last quarter (one each,
one each, 3 to Wallan, 3 to Macedon, one each and then the last one to Wallan.
If Macedon are going to bounce forward from the last 2 weeks, they need to win more ball, do the
basics right and value possession without being too safe.
Votes: Chelsea Kemp

11 centres 2 intercepts 23 feeds 5 assist 1 tip 1 rebound

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