Round 11: Macedon vs Wallan B Grade

Round 11: Macedon vs Wallan B Grade

Macedon 43 DEF Wallan 22

The B grade side have learnt from their mistakes and went into this game knowing that Wallan was
going to be a challenge and no win was an easy win. With quite a few players unavailable again and
some players were needed in A grade. Shanae, Morgan and Sheridan came into the B grade team
and they were set and had a full team with a bench.
The first quarter was played very clean with only 4 turnovers and the centre passes were taken with
systems in mind. Demi in WA was a dominant feeder into the goalers and made sure she found a
good shooting position to feed into. The goaling was not very accurate shooting 12 shots from 17
attempts but strong positioning for rebounds meant that Ash and G managed to rebound 3 goals
back. Macedon’s whole court defence was outstanding. The team had 6 tips from the middies, 4
gains, with 3 from the middies, 3 intercepts from the back line and all 3 defensive players took a
rebound, including our WD. Wallan were simply deprived of ball and shot 4 from 7 attempts. 12 -4
first quarter and Macedon were firing.
Morgan made her debut in GA, ash moved to WA and Demi Young was back in C. 3 of Macedon’s 4
turnovers came from Macedon’s goal ring but other than that the team did all the basics well. The
change of ends meant Macedon were heavily penalised by the umpires particularly for distance but
this had no effect on the ball the defenders won. 5 intercepts from 5 different players, 3 rebounds in
defence and a gain from the GS meant that the work was being done, it just needed to be finished
off. Once the girls worked out how to find Morgans space, they delivered. 8 from 11 shots and
Macedon kept the score board ticking over. 20 -9.
Macedon made a lot of changes and shifted players around and this had some impact on the way
Macedon moved the ball down the court. 6 turnovers in attack and a WA that dominated on the
center passes the ball started to move very quickly into Macedon’s attack end. 13 converted goals
with only 4 misses but 2 rebounds, Macedon was making them pay. Macedon defence remained on
point with 4 intercepts, 4 gains and 2 rebounds. Wallan shot 7 goals and missed just the 2, but both
those misses ended up back in Macedon’s defender’s hands. 33-16 Macedon were almost at the
finishing line.
In the wet and with a good lead the team started to make some poor decisions in attack. 9 turnovers
for the quarter (same total of the whole first half). When the ball did make it into the ring, accurate
goaling again got the job done. Every player on the court won at least 2 balls back for Macedon and
this is the teams super strength. 6 tips, 5 gains, 6 intercepts and 1 rebound- outstanding. A very
solid win 43 – 22.
Votes: Demi Young
2 gain 12 feeds 14 assists 3 tips 3 intercept 1 rebound

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