Round 14: Macedon Vs Lancefield A Grade

Round 14: Macedon Vs Lancefield A Grade

Macedon 70 DEF Lancefield 32

We started strong getting the first 3 shots on the board before Lancefield kicked into gear. The
attackers values possession and made smart choices working the ball to circle edge and the goalers
didn’t disappoint only missing 2 of the 19 goals they put up. The defensive pressure was tight man
on man against a younger, speedy attack end. Most of the work done up front resulted in 6
intercepts, 6 tips and 2 gains. Lancefield’s goalers had opportunities to score but some solid defence over the shot put them under pressure and the misses started to follow. A great start 19 -8.
The second quarter played out very similar to the first quarter. The basics were done right and the
result was 4 turnovers collectively. Chelsea positioned herself well around the ring and executed an
accurate pass into goals. The whole court defensive pressure was good but it was the Cats defensive third that cleaned up. Although there was just the one intercept the gains, tips and rebounds came from both Alex and Katie and with all this pressure Lancefield’s goalers were inaccurate, missing more than they converted. Macedon shot the last 8 goals of the quarter and they were out 36- 14.
The third quarter didn’t look so pretty with 8 turnovers, half of those coming after a recovery in
defence. Macedon’s centre passes were dominated by the WA, taking all but one in the third
quarter. There were a few more assists being shared and the goalers were smart in movement and
choice of pass. Accurate goaling converting 13 goals in the third quarter.
Macedon’s defensive end were untouched, and they continued to apply pressure to every Lancefield pass and the recoveries came from their mistakes, and Macedon were first to pounce on any loose ball or any ball that was 50-50. Lancefield had a lot of ball in their goal ring but a failure to convert every opportunity given to them (21), saw them score 8 goal this quarter and 6 of those came in the back end of the quarter. 49 – 22, Macedon were on track to hitting the 60 goal target.
Alex moved to WA and Taylah came on into GD for the last quarter of the game. Macedon reduced
the turnovers, back to a respectable 4 and cleaned up their attacking play, making direct drives onto the ring. With her fresh legs, Karlee in C moved down court quite quickly and fed accurately into the goalers. Majority of the feeds and assists for this quarter were thrown by Karlee into both goalers.
Macedon had three, five goal runs in the last quarter and with accurate goaling shot 21 goals in 15
minutes. Macedon’s best defensive quarter was this quarter with 8 intercepts coming from full court defensive pressure. Macedon had fewer gains, but this is because players were taking their feet through and getting two strong hands to the ball to gain possession. Lancefield’s highest scoring quarter was the last and this was mainly because their accuracy improved. Macedon’s targets were met and a comfortable win 70 – 32.
Votes: Alex August
9 tips 8 gains 4 intercepts 2 Rebounds 8 Centre pass receives 7 Feeds 2 assists

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