Round 14: Macedon vs Lancefield B Grade

Round 14: Macedon vs Lancefield B Grade

Macedon 41 DEF Lancefield 35

Macedon knew this game was going to be a challenge. The team still didn’t have a full side, with 3 C graders again filling the bench and the last time Macedon met Lancefield they had a shock loss.
Macedon got off to a stronger start on the score board but quickly let that slip when Lancefield put 3 on the board to bring the score back to even. Several bad passes (8) coming from all over the court was not helping Macedon shake Lancefield. Converting was becoming a challenge with inaccurate shooting but luckily the full court defence of Macedon kept Lancefield from running away with the score. After a 5-goal run, Macedon called an injury time and Taylah came on into WD, Janayah played C and Demi Young moved from WA to C. Lancefield shot the last 6 goals of the quarter, and the score was out 9 -13, with Macedon having to do a lot of work if they were going to catch Lancefield in the 2 nd quarter.
The changed line up stayed the same heading into the 2 nd quarter. The quarter time break talk was
about minimising the turnovers and doing the basics correct 100% of the time. The new attacking
line up was cleaner and delivered the ball more effectively into the goalers, but it was the goalers
having more trouble with the ball handling and shooting accuracy. Eliza stepped up and shot 8 from
9 attempts and Georgia Fearn played a feeding and supporting role. Our full court defence was again this week outstanding. Every player on court but our GS took an intercept and as a collective 5 gains and 5 tips. Lancefield’s GA was deprived of the ball putting up just the 1 shot and missing and the strong GS shot all 8 of Lancefield’s goals. Missing 4. All 4 rebounds were recovered by Aleigha, giving Macedon more opportunity to convert and catch Lancefield’s. Macedon finished with a 4 -1 shoot out to round out the first half and they were back in the gain training by 1.
The 3 rd quarter went all Macedon’s way shooting 12 to Lancefield’s 5 goals. Allira came on into GK
and the remaining 6 stayed on court. Macedon played a much cleaner attack with just the 3 bad
passes and the feeds and assists were dominated by Demi in WA. Goalers both struggled to convert
the opportunities with 12 misses and no rebounds, but despite this our defensive pressure force
Lancefield to make mistakes and Macedon were there to swoop in. Bella manned her played
extremely well and intercepted 4 balls while Allira was an all-rounder in goal keeper with 2 tips, 2
gains, 2 intercepts and a rebound. Lancefield were starved of ball and Macedon went on to finish the quarter 32 – 26 and had finally hit the lead.
The last quarter was not Macedon’s finest 12 minutes. They started well and when they got to 40
goals and an 11-goal lead, let Lancefield have a taste as they put 6 goals on the board to our 1. Back
out to 9 turnovers, showing that they were not valuing the possession they were working so hard to get. Taylah in WD stood tall with 3 tips, 2 gains and 2 intercepts and the work was supported in the
back by Allira and Bella. Georgia F finally found her aim and shot all 11 goals this quarter only missing the 1. Not a pretty finish to the game but another week where a win is a win and they take the 4 points to regain the top of the ladder.

Votes: Bella K
3 tips 9 intercepts 2 gains 1 rebound

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