Round 14: Macedon Vs Lancefield C Grade

Round 14: Macedon Vs Lancefield C Grade

Macedon 31 DEF Lancefield 10

We started with a familiar line up, with the exception of Georgie in the middle. Shanae, Allira and Emily applied relentless defence. With 9 recoveries, they were able to suffocate Lancefield; keeping them to 3 goals. In attack, Steph was getting second phase to the circle easily, but when needed we struggled to readjust and reposition around the circle. This resulted in a few turnovers which just ate up the clock. We had control and were outplaying Lancefield, but the scoreboard remained competitive at 6-3. 

In the second quarter, Abbey came into WA while Janayah entered the game in WD. Abbey added defensive pressure into the midcourt; getting hands to balls and causing many turnovers. This helped alleviate the defensive end who were working very hard to win ball and help in attack. Janayah was a rocket in transitioning the ball down court and ran down some loose balls to win back possession. In attack, although goals weren’t dropping, we were able to rebound and keep the ball in our circle. Despite the poor accuracy, we were able to secure a 5 goal run which took us into half time up 12-6.

In the third quarter, we started putting our foot down. Steph, Emily and Eloise took the court after being given instruction to improve our leads and defensive pressure. Eloise has been building into this competition and played an exceptional quarter under guidance from Allira. Emily adjusted her leads down court for a much more controlled impact in attack. Steph held her leads and used depth of the drive to open up space in attack. Janayah brought her intensity into attack and continued building pressure in defence. We swapped Shanae into goals. Shanae had a solid hold which we could recognise and was strong on the rebound, when needed. We were starting to build into the game bringing our score to 20 and extending our lead.

In our last quarter, Beth was introduced into the game in GA. The stellar combination from last week was reunited and it delivered! Beth was sensational with 2 intercepts and was critical in each play. Her sweeping motion drew defenders and opened up Shanae. Her feeding was spot on. Abbey came back on in centre and lifted to another level. She drove down court strong, fed with precision and got ball in defence. Steph was reliable and excellent around the circle. As the quarter went on, we had some errors in feeds, but we know how to correct that. Our last quarter was our strongest. Winning the game 31-10; against a Lancefield team, we know has been building. We did well to hold our own and execute a sizeable win.

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