Round 15: Macedon Vs Melton A Grade

Round 15: Macedon Vs Melton A Grade

Macedon 40 DEF Melton 33

The first 4 minutes started well, and it felt like this game wasn’t going to be too much of a slog, but that very quickly changes as the attackers crowded the court, shot inaccurately at 50%, and failed to drive at the ball carrier. 8 turnovers again in 15 minutes and opportunities were slipping through
Macedon’s hands. Macedon only stayed in the game because the defensive pressure was solid, 7
intercepts in defence, 3 gains and 3 rebounds. 9 -7 lead Macedon’s way.
Macedon thought that after a quarter time break, they would come out of it with a different game
plan and be able to shake off the bad start and make the corrections needed. This only worked in
small bursts before the flat feet, delayed drive, and inaccurate goaling crept back in. Macedon were
finding it hard to find a solution to their defenders turning over a massive 13 balls from WD into GS
but still managed to put 10 goals on the board. Macedon kept their defensive end untouched
because everything they were executing was winning them ball. Full court pressure was applied as
the attackers knew they had a lot to make up for. 8 team intercepts, 6 gains and 3 rebounds. Melton
was kept to 6 goals shooting at 60% in the second. 19 -13 Macedon’s way.
With Macedon struggling in attack, they made a few changes with Alex moving to the opposite end
of the court and putting the WA bib on, Chelsea moved to C and Taylah Chamra came on into GD.
Ciara moved back out to GA and Chloe was in GS. 7 turnovers but this quarter all areas of the court
contributed Starved of ball in the goal ring 8 shots were converted. In defence Katie played a solid 15 minutes out in GD and Melton was kept to shooting inaccurately, missing 5 goals. Macedon lost this quarter 8 – 10 but some how kept the lead 27 – 23.
Macedon started to find the channels and made the adjustments needed in attack to move the ball quickly and directly into the goal ring. Chloe and Ciara finally worked out how to move in the ring and the feeders released. Only 4 turnovers this quarter and all 4 were bad passes, the silly errors and coach killers disappeared. Volume was high and Macedon shot 13 goals. Melton had a good run at it with every mistake the Macedon attackers made, they moved patiently into their goal third but came across a few speed humps with Macedon’s 5 intercepts coming from GA, WD and GK. Melton
scored 10 to Macedon’s 11.
Votes: Katie Clarke
6 tip 4 gain 4 intercept 9 rebound

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