Round 4: Macedon V Wallan - B Grade

Round 4: Macedon V Wallan - B Grade

Macedon (32) V Wallan (27)
Team List: 

We did it! We are finally on the board!
We played the first quarter with the same determination of previous weeks, but this week our goalers were ON!!

The centre passes were dominated by Sam in GA and B made sure that she waited for the 2nd phase. She was owning that third feeding in 5 balls and assisting with 9.

Ash and Sammi didn’t disappoint and followed every shot up, putting 13 goals on the board.
Shanae’s height was proving difficult for Wallan to get around and shoot over. She rebounded 2 of their 6 misses and recovered 5 more balls in the circle. This forced Wallan to move the ball and shoot off balance. We had a 7 goal lead heading into the 2nd.

We extended our lead in the 2nd quarter 10 goals to 7 with accurate shooting from Ash and Sammi (10/11).  Although it was wet we were penalised for 2 footwork calls and we need to tidy this up, but we did keep our turnovers to just the 2 bad passes.

We are starting to learn how to minimise our ball handling mistakes. We were kept quiet in the recovery count with 4 less recoveries than the first half but our efforts were not wasted in their goal circle.

They shot 7 from 12 and we rebounded 3 of their missed shots.

Heading into the second half we had built the lead and were ready for a new combination. Nellie came on in GS, Ash moved out, Madi returned in C and Kaz came on into GK. All these changes had an effect on our decision making and as the players adjusted to the new combinations we turned over 5 balls (bad pass).Our defenders penalties doubled (15) and our recoveries stayed the same as the 2nd quarter.

Our goaling took a hit and we shot 5 from 9 which was becoming costly as Wallan had more opportunities at goal. They outscored us 8 – 5 giving us a 7 goal lead heading into the last quarter.

We went back to our 1st quarter attack end hoping to regain the lead we had at half time. We were good with the ball and only turned over the ball 2 times in 12 minutes of play. As the court started to get wetter and wetter the game slowed down and it was a game of catch and throw.

Any attempt at defence was costly to us with 13 calls against us, showing how we have to either pick our defence in the wet, or we were smart and slowed the play down.

We maintained our average of 7 recoveries while our goaling went missing. We shot 4 from 10 while Wallan’s accuracy improved (6 from 8). We shot 4 goals in 12 minutes of netball.
We won the first half convincingly 23- 13 but lost the 2nd half 9 -14. An area to concentrate on at training this week.

Best on court goes to Bianca McKay 

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