Round 4: Macedon V Wallan - U19s

Round 4: Macedon V Wallan - U19s

Macedon (23) V Wallan (34)
Team List: 

Our first quarter was sensational!

We put Wallan under pressure and left them goalless for much of the first quarter. We had hands over the ball and pressure from GS downwards. Although we had some missed shots, we made every effort to get the ball back. Which put us in a one goal lead by the end of the first quarter.

In the second, we had more control of our game. We used front drives and the simple options to maintain possession. We utilised our defensive pressure to regain possession after a missed shot or turnover, however we needed our circle defenders to reciprocate as Wallan started to miss goals this quarter too.

Wallan’s GA had easy drives into the circle and their GS took almost every rebound. They were able to outscore us by 1 and we went into the second half 13-13.

We opened the third quarter with a change to the midcourt, in an attempt to strengthen the defensive end and settle the centre. This was the beginning of a shift to our game. As Wallan gained some momentum we started to doubt the feeds and stop being smart with the ball. We persisted with passes to players with multiple defenders on them, and didn’t realise the ball when someone was open and in front position. This was exemplified by our WA and C not attacking the drive and committing to circle edge. We lost the quarter by 7.

We had a change to our attack end in an attempt to open up the movement downcourt. Beth and Maddy had confident and definitive drives which allowed our C and WA to feed with ease. However, we needed the same efforts on a defensive transition. We lost a lot of ball on throw ins and in our defensive third when we missed the first drive, passed sideways and didn’t have multiple options at once. A few turnovers once again allowed Wallan to win the quarter by 4.

We learnt the importance of being smart with the ball and had a fierce tenacity from players to win the ball
back. We caused a lot of turnovers from Wallan and had the majority of possession.

I am excited to see what we can do with four good quarters.

Best on court goes to Demi Young

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